Some people describe Thinking Putty as chewing gum for your hands. Well, this is like blowing a bubble! Form small, thumb-sized spaces in your putty and then fold it over onto itself. Give the putty a little squeeze to force a bubble to form and then pop it!


To make lots of snapping noises, you need little bubbles that you can form reliably and pop at will. Use the picture below to guide you. Form a small, thumb-sized cavity and fold the putty over and onto itself. Squeeze the putty to force a bubble to form. In a quick, sure motion, pop the bubble for a refreshing snap!



Excellent cracking noises can be obtained through a different putty manipulation. Stretch the Thinking Putty into strands about 15cm to 30cm in length and fold it back onto itself. Without squeezing the resulting strand, stretch it again. Repeat this about 20 times.



Making extremely loud popping noises with Thinking Putty is very fun and somewhat hit or miss. The technique described below produces nothing about 10% of the time, a decent pop about 70%, and a monstrous echoing pop about 20% of the time. At least that's Crazy Aaron's average...can you do better?

Form the Thinking Putty into a long, deep boat shape about one finger wide.

Now, use your fingertips to fold the tops of the boat shut while maintaining as much air in the boat as possible. Seal off the ends securely and slowly and carefully fold the Thinking Putty back onto itself to form a small lump.