What is Hypercolour? Hypercolour is a cool word that means an object is one colour at one temperature, and another colour at a different temperature. It’s often synonymous with thermochromic, and there are all kinds of products that use this technology in the world. Think about mood rings or heat cameras as examples. 

With Crazy Aaron’s Hypercolours, the heat of your hands changes Thinking Putty from one colour to another—and it’s the same with your own creations! As a general rule, the room temperature colours are brighter and the body temperature colours are a lighter, less saturated colour.

We are so excited to see the amazing Hypercolours you can create! Don't forget to share them on social by tagging @thinkingputty on Instagram.


You're on your way to becoming a Mixed By Me Hypercolour expert! Please take a moment and follow the steps in the video to learn how to create your very own Advanced Hypercolour Thinking Putty. Have fun!

Now that you've learned about Advanced Mixed by Me® recipes (and maybe even made a few yourself), you're ready for expert mixing. Check out Crazy Aaron's Expert tutorial to help you discover how to master the kit!