There are a few different art forms that might come to mind when you hear the phrase "light writing." First, there's the old classic: putting a manual camera on a tripod, leaving the shutter open, and writing words or fun symbols in the air with a flashlight or sparkler.

Of course here at Crazy Aaron's®, we have our own form of light writing! Using our Phantom Thinking Putty® and a Glow Charger® you can create temporary messages that only appear in the dark. The steps are easy and the supplies even easier thanks to our all-in-one packaging for the Phantoms that includes your very own UV light Glow Charger.


  1. Phantom Thinking Putty
  2. Glow Charger
  3. A Dark Room


Step 1: Roll your Thinking Putty into a ball and press it onto a smooth, flat surface to form a “writing pad.” This can be any shape you desire, but we kept things simple for this introductory post.

Note: It is especially fun to create seasonal shapes like ghosts for Halloween or Christmas trees around the holidays.

Step 2: Grab your Glow Charger and draw with the emitting light directly on the putty or write a fun message for someone to see.

Step 3: Quickly turn off the lights and watch your image appear. If the glow is fading to quickly, rewrite or draw your image directly over your original drawing.


We used Foxfire, one of our UV Reactive Phantom colours, to make this video. What kind of art can YOU make with light? Share your creations on Instagram using #mythinkingputty