We love to play with our Thinking Putty® at Crazy Aaron's® HQ and we're constantly discovering new and exciting ways to transform our putty creations with just a little good-old-fashion fun. Tasked with developing innovative play ideas for our Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty we quickly came up with a go-to trick we know you'll love. All you'll need is Glow Thinking Putty, a couple of everyday objects from around your home, a dark room and a lot of imagination. Here's our step-by-step guide for creating your very our Shadow Photo putty art:  

 Stretch your Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty into a flat sheet and place little objects like keys, paper clips, or small toys on top.

Expose the putty to UV light then go into a dark room.

 Remove the objects and you’ll see the cool silhouette shadow “photos” you’ve created! 

Glow in the Dark Shadow Photos with Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty