There is more than just Thinking Putty® bouncing around in Crazy Aaron’s® brain. He has a vast amount of knowledge and is inspired to share lessons on science, art, math, and so much more! Explore this page to discover new ideas, plus tips and tricks for using your Thinking Putty.



What do you do with Thinking Putty? We get this question all the time! The short answer is you can do just about anything, but we've collected a few suggestions below to help you along the way. From light-hearted pranks, to physics defying acts, Thinking Putty is constantly amazing us with its versatility both at home and at the office. Don't thank us though, many of these ideas have come directly from Y-O-U. Want to share your bright ideas? Email us at



More than just a toy - Crazy Aaron's love for science has lead him to experimenting with new ways to use Thinking Putty and new ways to view it too. Use these tips to help expand your understanding of what Thinking Putty is and what it can become.



The putty universe is a massive place and we know that sometimes you'll go where your Thinking Putty can't, but that doesn't mean you can't take Crazy Aaron's with you! Below you'll find free downloads from printable colouring book pages to games to cellphone wallpapers. Click the banners below to discover your Thinking Putty freebies.